About Me

Hello, I am Aaryn Smith, a software developer in Texas. I write primarily in Go and Python. I have been a self-starter since middle school when I taught myself Perl by reading the Perl Cookbook. I went on to learn JavaScript, C, C++, Ruby, Python, and most recently Go. I have worked with COBOL (yes that COBOL), Docker, Docker-Compose, Embedded Systems (ESP-32 and ESP8266).

I received my Bachelors in Science in Network Communications and Management, which led to a position with a small company as a network administrator. Since I love facing new challenges and finding new and creative ways to overcome them, I took on additional challenges to help tackle programming needs. I filled a niche of developing in-house programs for a few projects and discovered my passion for development.

My first open source project is ztDNS, a DNS server for use on a ZeroTier network (or networks). It integrates with the ZeroTier REST API to pull device names from a network configuration to serve as A and AAAA DNS records.

I am currently looking for a remote position, but am open to onsite opportunities in the DFW metroplex. My wife and I live in a multi-generational home where we have all learned, since COVID-19, to balance work and young children while still being productive workers.