Aaryn Smith

Software Engineer

Experienced network administrator with experience in development, systems management, network architecture, and a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry.

Work Experience

Network Administrator/Systems Analyst

HFSI | 2009-2018

  • Developed end user programs and conversion programs, dealing with multiple file formats and standards
  • Optimized and developed workflows for several business processes
  • Managed and maintained a medium-sized business network
  • Managed several Microsoft Windows servers including Active Directory and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Managed several Cisco network devices including ASA, FIREpower IPS, and Catalyst switches
  • Managed multiple Microsoft SQL databases and PostgreSQL databases
  • Implemented and maintained a VMWare virtual infrastructure environment
  • Provided support and service to several small- to medium-sized banks

Network Technician

The Lance Brown Agency | 2006 - 2009

  • Designed, installed, and maintained a working office network
  • Created and maintained a website for the insurance agency
  • Designed, packaged, and distributed marketing materials

Closed Circuit Television Operator, Contractor

Electronic Systems Services | 2007 - 2008

  • Acquired and retained high-risk security clearance
  • Monitored closed-circuit security systems
  • Reported security violations to Bureau of Engraving and Printing



  • 2020 FreeCodeCamp - Full Stack
  • 2020 FreeCodeCamp - Information Security
  • 2020 FreeCodeCamp - Front End Libraries
  • 2020 FreeCodeCamp - APIs and Microservices
  • 2020 FreeCodeCamp - Responsive Web Design
  • 2020 FreeCodeCamp - Data Visualization
  • 2020 FreeCodeCamp - JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures
  • 2017 Global Knowledge - Cisco ASA with FirePower Services v2.1
  • 2013 Global Knowledge - VPN 2.0 - Deploying Cisco ASA VPN Solutions



Open Source

Created a custom DNS server for ZeroTier VPN Service that integrates with the ZeroTier API to provide DNS entries for other devices on the network.

RoundUp Program


Developed rewards program for a bank. Developed program, user interaction, and workflow for a program that read customer purchase amounts from real time activity file, rounded to the nearest dollar, and applied credit to customer savings accounts.

COBOL Conversion


Modernized COBOL programs to work in updated environments. Recreated workflows for several 16-bit COBOL programs in modern languages to work in 32- and 64-bit environments. Programs were converted to Go, C++, or Python.

Email Migration


Implemented Google-Hosted Email. Transitioned mailboxes to Google G Suite hosted email. Trained employees on new email features and G Suite workflows.

VDI Investigation


Prototyped and tested VDI solutions for use in a SAAS environment. Evaluated cost versus return on investment for VDI solutions from Amazon and VMware to determine viability for offering a VDI product to customers.